Laundry automation

ALMdesk 4th

ALMdesk 4th edition - January 2014
(multilanguage, v. 4 - 14.01 - rev. 0)
  • Realized on Windows 7 - compliance with Xp and later
  • Unicode support to be used with any language
  • Touch-screen advanced feature
  • Images customizable, faster operation
  • Shareware licence  (try and buy)

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ALMdesk 4th edition is a program to manage laundry activities (articles acceptance and restitution, customers' management, statistics) particularly cured for the simplicity of use; simply clicking on graphic images or touching them, if you have a touch-screen, develops the procedures for garments reception and restitution; it isn't a cash register for tax purposes but the operative procedure is intuitive and analogous to that used in manual compilation of receipts and tax documents too.

ALMdesk 4th edition maintains all experiences and functions already realized in its previous versions used since 1995 (1st edition, 2nd edition, AlmDesk7). Moreover, ALMdesk manages the customer list, the payments with personal fidelity card, the aggregated statistics about articles received and returned, the price tables and their percentage change, the data export into Office and Open Office and much more.

ALMdesk 4th edition is fully compliance with all Windows O.S. after XP (to date, no problem with Windows 8), and runs on Linux with Wine environment.

Starting from the previous version, all messages use unicode and, therefore, they can be easily translated into any other language. Currently, there are the English and Italian and a translation to be improved was made ​​for French, Spanish and Arabic. In any case, you  can change/convert all ALMdesk messages in another language by simply translating and saving them into a new file "NewLanguage.als".

Main features of AlmDesk:

  • Strictest confidence and ability to install the program on a removable drive, without leaving any data on the computer of your laundry
  • Graphic customization of the images used for selecting the articles and configuring the heading of printing for process notes and tax receipts.
  • Management of marking for articles with pre-printed labels already available in various colors or with support for idrofix printer.
  • Total flexibility in managing price lists that can be associated with one or more affiliated customer or replaced also for processes in course of work.
  • Management of the payment advance and/or at articles restitution, even partial.
  • Management of customers' loyalty card through which you can make points promotions, payments by a prepayed credit, assign customized prices to one or more agreement customers. The points are accumulated when  the articles are received and can be used to reduce the final payment.
  • Data export to "Office" and "Open Office", with full possibility to configure what export and laundry activity periods that reporting to. In Office environment, data conversion is practically available in any format.
  • Compilation of transfer documents, very useful when the laundry acts with more collecting points and centralizes articles treatments. Fixed a period (usually one working day), a report of all acceptances will be produced with corresponding articles. 
  • Ability to compile an invoice summary on all items received from a customer or a structure in a given period of time.
  • Ability to use the bar code to speed up the process management (acceptance and delivery) or the individual customer's card.

Summary table

Windows Xp and later compliance Ok
Research on current operations by customer, reference or marking Ok

Linux compliance (with Wine) Ok
Aggregated statistics about processes, received articles and items to return in subsequent days Ok

DOS compliance No
Management of working lots with notice when
a specified limit number has been reached

Program and data can be installed
on a USB removable drive
Help and learning tutorial Ok

Documents can include logo image
of laundry and bar code of process
Partial and modified articles restitution Ok

Ability to export laundry activities
to Office and Open Office
Creation, management and editing of many price-lists  Ok

Transfer documents can be produced Ok
More treatments are available
for each article type

Summary invoice compilation
can be produced
Ability to change of a percentage
applied to all prices of a list

Direct control of printer
bypassing the operating system
Archive back-up and recover Ok

Labels printing on idrofix paper Ok
Barcode management of
customers and processes

Manage up to 16 color blocks
to mark articles
Customizable price lists for single
customer or affiliated groups

Possible use of two printers (one for
process notes and one for tax receipts)
Sale promotions and customer's fidelity points Ok

Customer's registry divided into
process data and personal details
Customer's credit on prepaid card Ok

Processes management by touch-screen
and on-screen keyboard
Visualization of client's monthly cashing Ok

AlmDesk 2.7.11 Award
Top Rated Software
CLEAN Software certified by Clean Softs Professional Association
Shareware Software

note about previous versions

AlmDesk 2nd edition and AlmDesk7 have been replaced by ALMdesk 4th edition.

The following videos, showing operations of the previous version, are here because still usable for AlmDesk 4th edition


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