Laundry automation
Alm suite
1st edition




System to automate laundry activities with a PC in garments reception, storing, and return. It is proposed as a more valid and cheap alternative to cash registers.

In program development, particular attention has been placed on simplicity of use; all operations are managed using few keys and with the assistance of images on the screen; The operative procedures are intuitive and analogous to the manual writing of the receipt.

The system is composed of various programs which define the desired automation level and of an (optional) electronic card to control conveyers movement. Only one essential program (DeskAlm) can be used initially, with cost and learning time greatly reduced. The more advanced programs can be installed in a second time.

Alm needs no expensive last-generation PC and can be used fully on a 386 with only DOS and 4 MB of RAM.

Alm has been operating in many laundries since 1995, is available in Italian, English and French. Others languages can be easily implemented.

Alm allows to manage the points promotion through a personal client's fidelity card.
Points accumulated at garments reception can be used to discount final payments.

Alm is composed of:


Cash register

Euro compliance

DeskAlm manages all processes in course allowing drawing up of receipts, process notes and items marking; it allows an unlimited number of price lists, each of which can be associated to an operation; it works with the local currency or Euro, showing the total for both, prints the fiscal receipts, accumulates their daily total, manages the cash; the barcode reader can be used with a personal customer's card to identify and find its processes in course; the total cost of DeskAlm and a PC is less then a cash register but the available functions are those of a computer.


InfoALM allows the view of archives of processes already concluded, can carry out searches on them and shows monthly statistics regarding payments and garments received or returned. It is a useful product to define selling prices and understand the course of the business.


RegALM is a customers' registry used to print BarCodes to identify each of them. Their total monthly payments can also be viewed. Receipts can be sized and modified. Print format of idrofix labels can also be configured. Printer manager is used to print them with Windows 9x spooler.

 Alm integrate

 ALM is a bundle which includes all DeskAlm functionalities and also garment insertion and recovery to/from conveyers and shelves; It manages free positions and, in case of conveyers, moves them automatically.

 Conveyers control

An electronic device is interfaced to Alm in order to move the conveyer automatically up to the desired position, enabling garment loading and restitution to customers.

 CnfAlm personalization

CnfALM is used for system configuration and personalization. Size and number of shelves and conveyers can be defined; price lists, receipts format etc. can be modified.

 Files backup

BackUp is available to save on floppy all archives information (price lists included). It needs only 30 seconds and one FD is enough for six months of activities.

 Files recovery

Restore re-establish the status previously saved with BackUp.

Summary card of Alm suite (1st edition)
Characteristics AlmDesk
(1st edition)
Windows Xp and Vista compliance
Windows 98 and previous compliance
Available for Linux
DOS compliance
Direct control of printer
bypassing operating system
Markers printing on idrofix paper
Manage up to 16 color blocks to mark items
Possible use of two printers (one for
process notes and one for receipts)
Client's registry sub-divided into
process and personal information
Touch-screen and on-screen keyboard management
Search on pending processes
Integrate statistics on processes, received
items and items to return in subsequent days
Only cash
Management of working lots with notice
when items number has been reached
Help and learning tutorial
Configuration and personalization
In CnfAlm
Partial and modified items restitution
Price lists creation/change
In CnfAlm
Availability of more sub-case
for each garment type
Automatic change for a per cent
applied to all amounts of a price list
Archive back-up and recover
In BackUp
and Restore
Barcode management of clients and processes
Price lists personalized for single
client or arranged groups
Clients promotions and sales with fidelity points
Visualization of client's monthly cashing
In AnaAlm
Management of client's credit on prepaid card


Lowest requirements:

 Minimum requirements

Personal computer with 386 processor or higher provided by graphic card VGA (16 colors) or higher.


Printer Epson TM290 or any other model (ink jet too) ASCII compatible.

 Dos compliance


Operative system DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98. Alm template is very light and efficient, being fully developed in C++. A PC provided by 386 with only 4 MB of RAM (available with a very low cost from every personal retailer) is suitable for the use of Alm. Only AnaALM requires WINDOWS 9x.


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