Laundry automation




InfoAlm report

Main features:

 Cyphered events Shows all the laundry's monthly events (acceptances, returns, etc.) as an array of colored lines with progressive number, date, hour and description. The events are codified by DeskALM in monthly files compressed and ciphered through a personal keyword chosen by each user; without it, no one can visualize them.
 Daily reports Reports the daily movement statistics (in previous example on day 26, 17 items were accepted, 28 were returned, there were 10 new process notes, 12 operations were terminated, that day's intake was L. 293.000.
 Search events Effects events search (therefore on operations already terminated and eliminated) allowing the reconstruction of each single concluded operation.
 Show events details Shows events in detail providing, if possible, its process notes.
 Monthly statistic Effects monthly statistics of daily movement of items accepted and returned and intake (ref. following graphs). Also effects statistics showing which turnover percentage relates to each type of item. This information is important in order to choose the right prices.

Global activity report

In the graph, two histograms are available for each day of the month; the first (the red one on the left) corresponds to the daily intake to be read with the scale on the left; the second (the blue and green ones on the right) represents the accepted and returned items and is read using the scale on the right. The daily business movement and intake is clearly shown.

Monthly turnover report

In this graph the percentage of monthly turnover related to each item. For example, type 14 furnished almost 25% of turnover (red histogram) with about 80 items (blue histogram). It can be noted that only certain items make-up the greater part of turnover.

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