Laundry automation




DeskAlm desktop

Main features:

Rapid items selection Rapid items and processes selection on graphic images by arrows and +/- keys or with mouse.
price- lists
Up to 100 items available for price list on a practically unlimited number of price-lists. For each price-list a name and five costs are available (special care, rapid, washed only, ironed only, water or a cost assigned at any moment). A price-list can be automatically created from an existing one applying a percentage variation on all costs.


It's possible to assign a different price-list during both acceptance and return phases and also change all costs at the end of operations. A closed operation doesn't leave any tracks on the PC.
Partial return Partial return of items of an operation is possible.
Active and passive balance
Recording of intake amounts showing the total of daily cash and of fiscal receipt; at the end of any operation, it shows the active or passive balance.

Cleaning tags


Idrofix tags

Contemporary management of 16 different colors
for the American marking blocks ; it remembers the last used number of ticket for each block. Different colored blocks can be used to mark each acceptance by selecting it with keys F2..F9. The association among keys and colors can be chosen in CnfAlm. Idrofix labels can also be used with capability to change their formats as favorite.
Return day
Automatic generation of the return day starting from the date of acceptance and assigned working days in CnfAlm.
Context info line Context aid line (down) explaining operations in course.
Help on line Contextual help on line activated with F1.
Crypted historical
The recording of each laundry event can be effected in the monthly historical archive in order to enable InfoAlm. to generate statistic analysis. All these events can't be read by DeskAlm and are crypted with a cypher-key chosen by the user. Without the right cypher-key no one can make these data comprehensible. For extra security, InfoAlm can be kept on an external FD instead of on the used PC.

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